How to help someone in shock

Shock is a resultant of many factors. Such factors include loss of blood, traumatic events, allergic reactions, heatstroke, poisoning and both severe burns and infections. There is a reduced blood flow and oxygen supply in a person who is in shock. This causes a malfunction in the organs. Therefore, if untreated or managed at occurrence, it can cause permanent damage to all organs in the body. Having first aid knowledge is essential. This is especially when it occurs unexpectedly.

Signs and symptoms of shock

Knowledge is power and it has been said, better prevention than cure. Therefore it is important that you are aware of some symptoms of this condition. This will not only assist you in helping someone who is in shock from an accident but will also help avert the condition from occurring. Here are some of the signs that show someone is in shock from as a result of an accident:

��Pale skin

��Abnormal fatigue and weakness

��Increased size of eye’s pupils

��Rapid breathing

��Unexpected change of mood, anxious and agitation.


How to help someone who is in shock from an accident

Having known some of the signs and symptoms, you will then go ahead and ad monster some first aid techniques. Some of the first aid procedures you can administer to help someone who is in shock from an accident include the following;

��Lay the person down

The first step is to lay the person down ensuring that his or her head is not raised. Check for any head, neck and back injuries and in case he or she is not injured, lift his or her feet to a 12 inch position. Lastly, in cases where the person is vomiting or bleeding from his or her mouth, you are advised to turn them on their side.


The next step to helping someone in shock from an accident is to begin administering CPR. This is especially if he or she is showing signs or reduced and abnormally weak breathing. There are different CPR procedures for children and adults. Until the person in shock regain consciousness, you are advised to keep doing the CPR.

��Treat injuries

There are cases where the person in shock has some injuries on their head, neck and back. You are advised to treat the said injuries and also check for any broken bones.

��Keep the person comfortable

There are some simple steps you can perform to keep the person in shock warm and comfortable. Ensure that any restrictive cloth is loosened and use a blanket or any heavy material to cover them. You can also keep him or her still and only move them in cases of danger. Finally, comfort the person and do not allow them to eat or drink anything.


The repercussions of shock can be averted with first Aid techniques. It is important therefore, than first Aiders rush into a scene where someone has undergone shock. Similarly, family members are also advised to learn some first aid techniques. One other important first technique to administer to a person in shock is following up their condition once they are admitted at the hospital. Ensure that they are receiving the right amount of oxygen and fluids. The doctor will treat the person after diagnosing what caused the shock.

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